As Ken Knack Corporation is very particular and interested to show its social responsibility as part of its mission, it associated with Ignite Foundation, a CSR initiative through which Ken Knack supports periodically to show the concern towards the welfare of our society with the following initiatives.

  • I-Home Care

    To assist various orphanages & Home for Homeless People in terms of our physical presence, monetary support & contribution of the needy things.

  • I-Save Life

    To conduct blood, eye & organ donation camps periodically & to arrange the blood donors often based on the needs of the patients.

  • I-Literacy

    To provide short term courses like Abacus, Magic Maths, Hand Writing, Calligraphy & Memory Techniques to the downtrodden and destitute children.

  • I-Go Green

    To save our precious environment by planting & growing trees, spreading campaigns and awareness to all range of people for the concept “Go Green” & “Sustainability”.

  • I-Social Welfare

    To involve in any other social welfare activities conducted by Ignite Foundation for a good cause.

  • Let's Support for a Cause
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