Ken Knack Corporation is an Indian based Business Consulting organization for Designing, IT Crafting, Online Research and Data Services started with a team of 2 experienced professionals & designers on 2013. In our journey, we have catalyzed4IT products in the domains of Media, Matrimony, Trading& Healthcare and also, we have served 50+ clients byexploring our design, development, data and online research services to many clients across the globe for a better and lively experience.

Having respect in competition, Ken Knack Corporation strives hard continuously to excel well in our every project to keep our clients satisfied for years and also keep coming back afterwards with care and love. Also, Ken Knack Corporation partners/associates with various SMEs and MSMEs to fulfil their IT needs as an outsourcing/board partner based on the customized needs.

We have an advanced technology and an excellent team as our strong foundation to build a perfect bond of Trust with our valuable customers and stakeholders. We, Ken Knack Corporation have our own uniqueness in corporate values, ethics, skilled and experienced Human Resources, in providing best of our solutions, services & products to our clients across the globe round the clock.

The term "Ken Knack" is an integration of "KEN" which means “Knowledge”& "KNACK" which means “Executing things efficiently”. Ken Knack is a team of post graduate professionals, experienced marketing&CA Professionals to build up a strong blended Family with both technical & administrative capability for providing quality products and efficient services and imparting a bridge between both extremes of our society for a good cause through our Non-Profit Organization.

Vision & Values


Vision :

* To become one of the top 10 leading tech & data enterprises across the globe.

* To be loyal, lovable and safeguard all our stake holders, teammates and customers in all stages.


Values :

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment & Dedication

Team Work & Effective Execution

Proactive Response


Quality & Service

Respect for Business Competition


Mission :

* To work 24x7 with perfect values such as organizational ethics, team work, dedication and commitment.

* To feel and fine tune the satisfaction level of clients and customers in an ideal roof.

* To continuously take care of our pillars (i.e.) teammates (employees) in terms of their safety, health and sharing/recognition.

* To initiate & execute various social activities for a good cause of our needy part & green globe as Ken Knack has an infinite love towards our society & nature.


Our CEO has received an award "Star Achiever 2013" for his effective business services through Ken Knack Corporation.

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