Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How to register my profile ?

In the home page of this website, kindly click on the button "Register Free" which is located on the right side. After that, the details about you given there are to be filled clearly along with your e-mail address and mobile number. At the end, click the check box to agree before submitting the registration form.

Can I register on behalf of someone like my friend or sibling or friend ?

Yes. You can register the profile for any of your friend, sibling, son/daughter or friend.

Can I register with same ID for many people ?

Sorry. You can't register like that since ID is unique for a person and so you can register with different IDs but can be under a same e-mail address

How you will validate my profile and is it necessary ?

Yes. Profile validation is utmost important to avoid spam users for our effective services without any trouble. Before your profile stores in our database, our verification team will carefully check your profile with e-mail verification and basic details which will take not more than 1 hour to access your profile with your unique ID.

What is profile description ? What content we can write here ?

Profile description is about you (bride/groom) very clearly without any blanket as this will clearly shows who you are, your likes, your dis-likes, your interest, your ambition, your attitude and your achievements. In profile description, you shouldn't write your contact related information which will lead to delete your profile.

What is mobile number verification and is it mandatory ?

Yes. This is mandatory as all our profiles are 100% mobile verified. Mobile number verification is the process of 2 steps in which step 1 is to send you the verification code by us and step 2 is to enter that verification code in the space provided in the mobile verification text box.

What are the ways to contact the members ?

You can contact your interested profiles through options like Express Interest, Chat and personalized messages.

Why to become a paid member ?

Being a paid member, you can see the contact details of your interested profile as the unpaid members can't do see the mobile number, e-mail address and horoscope details.

What is profile search ?

You can search your matches based on your requirements w.r.t. age, caste, tradition, country and so on.

If this FAQs are not sufficient, what I have to do ?

You can call 044-455 90000 at anytime for any doubts and clarifications to access our website.